This is the highest sound quality available in the range. Plug in any ipod, MP3, laptop or computer to the Tower or plug directly through USB port or insert a sd memory card. Place the Tower unit on any flat surface, and the whole surface will play your music with astonishing quality. Operate everything via the stylish remote control.

This unit incorporates high end professional speaker quality. This speaker is used as an MP3 speaker, an IPOD speaker, computer speaker, laptop speaker, and has a USB and memory card port. The Tower’s incredible sound system operates via a stylish remote control. The speaker system is fully programmable with total settings flexibility. An amazing home speaker, the sound quality is improved from choosing one type of surface to the next, from glass tables to kitchen worktops, the sounds get better and better.

  • Built-in USB/SD MMC card design
  • Inner MP3/WMA decode function
  • Adopt the advanced vibration core
  • Exploit DVS surround digital vibration sound
  • “DVS surround”is the shorten of DIGITAL VIBRATING SOUNDER.
  • Built-in screen
  • Take in everything in a glance
  • Restricted in view and shallow in understanding
  • Dynamic bass and treble modulate, supply driving effect and clear person voice
  • The stand outlooking design, save the room
  • Inner audio input, simple to connect with any audio player

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