Portable speaker, simply plug in any ipod, MP3, laptop or computer. Place this small box on any flat surface, and the whole surface will play your music with astonishing quality. Operate volume,treble and bass levels through the stylish remote control.

The Cube is an entry level high quality speaker system. Originally designed as an ipod speaker, the applications include use with any MP3 system, as a computer speaker or as a general home speaker. The speaker system works using mains power and a speaker wire which connects to the vibrating Cube. Simple to use with fantastic digital vibration surround sound all speaker parts and speaker cables are supplied. The Cube is controlled by a remote control which gives you the ability to adjust the volume, treble and bass levels at the press of a button! Play music anywhere with this revolutionary portable speaker and give computer gaming a vibrating excitement.

The cradle is the ultimate business promotion tool. This attachment will allow you to attach your Cube to any glass surface in order to develop sound both inside and outside on your premises. On a large or small window the results are tremendous, a rich sound can play music or promotional messages both inside and outside to all passing your shop front. There are no speakers - the glass itself plays the music!

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