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Strictly speaking the Gigabox is not really a speaker but an amplifier, which passes sound waves through the surfaces with which it comes into contact. Effectively, any hard, flat surface can become a speaker than transmits crystal clear sound across its entire circumference, distributing sound equally around its entire area. This revolutionary technology allows any flat surface to be turned into a speaker, creating a rich sound enhanced by gentle vibrations – you can actually hear and feel the music

Gigabox technology is based on the principal of Sound Wave Transference. Through its proprietary vibrating core technology, Gigabox acts as a Sonic Transducer, by changing electrical energy into mechanical energy. It amplifies and drives sound waves into, through and out of the surface of virtually any flat-dense material thereby turning the material into a high quality sound system, which emanates 360° listening


For the home and computer gaming market
wherever you are the Gigabox range will allow you to relax and feel the music. Experience a new level of excitement when playing games on your computer as you can feel the vibrations of your sound effects.
Place it on your computer station, dining-room tables, kitchen surface, or the desk you are working at. This amazing technology will send sounds from one side of a wall into the room next door! Through a window you get 360 degrees of sound inside and out!

For Commercial Use
Hotels, Bars and Restaurants etc. can integrate the Gigabox technology into their existing audio system. Provide this incredible technology to meeting rooms and board room tables. The flexibillty of the speaker range can facilitate wireless speaker support to any presentation, ensure that the sound is spread evenly around your board room table. Both wireless and microphone systems will enhance the impact of any presentation and ensure clarity in any meeting.

For Business
Innovate a business presentation with the clarity of Gigabox sounds. Plug into your laptop for the whole table to become your sound base. Amaze your clients as gentle vibrations emphasise your message!
Individual business premises can now market themselves. By using a Cradle the Cube speaker can be attached to any glass surface. An entire shop window can be made to deliver sound with rich powerful results. The Cube remote control allows you to adjust sound levels on an entire shop front. Promotional messages or any music will now be both inside and outside the glass window!

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