Wireless, portable, rechargable speaker, simply plug in any ipod, MP3, laptop or computer even attach your own microphone for presentations or karaoke. Place this small box on any flat surface, and the whole surface will play your music with astonishing quality. Operate volume, treble and bass levels through the stylish remote control.

The Freedom Speaker is the ultimate portable speaker system. This is a fully rechargeable unit - the ultimate indoor and outdoor speaker. The Freedom speaker will work on the roof of your car to become the ultimate party car speaker!

The Freedom speaker has tremendous corporate advantages, as the whole of any board room table becomes a presentation speaker. The microphone compatibility allows the voice of any public speaker to travel evenly and clearly as the unit enhances both treble and base speaker levels via a stylish remote control. This model incorporates the second generation of core vibration technology, which enhances the quality of a conventional speaker system by introducing gentle sound vibration – feel the music!

  • A stylish design remote controller
  • A microphone jack which is perfect for commercial training
  • A replaced battery supplies you portability to enjoy music everywhere at any time.
  • Superb entertaining function
  • It has a function of DVS resonant vibration reverberation, the 2nd generation of core resonant vibration technology is applied.

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